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Wooden toys

Taller de Cuir does not sell exclusively leather products but offers a wide variety of goods. This way we try to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers but always keeping genuinity and quality. Most of the displayed products are made in Catalonia and in diferent parts of Spain. However products made worldwide can be found.

Leather is the raw material of many of these products and is Taller de Cuir's specialty. Nevertheless, many are the goods made of paper, ceramics, metal, wood, glass and other materials, that can be purchased in Taller de Cuir's store.

Renewal of goods is constant in the store. This dynamism makes the customers to find new products every time they visit Besalú's 12 carrer del pont.

Own Made Leather Bag Own Made Leather Bag
Leather Hat Leather Men's Belts
Handmade Paper Puppets
Tiles Painted Roof Tiles
Iron Rooster Quality Silver
Toys Glass Bubbles